Virulent Newcastle Disease Outbreak in California - Latest Update

December 7, 2018

Over the past several weeks, the response team intensified its efforts and identified additional cases of vND within existing disease-control areas. Affected flocks are quickly euthanized.
APHIS is working closely with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CFDA) to respond to these findings and to conduct an epidemiological investigation. Federal and State partners are also conducting additional surveillance and testing in the area.
A complete list of confirmed cases is available at

Within Europe, the first outbreak of Newcastle disease this year occurred in a hobby flock in Luxembourg in May. In Belgium, VND has been diagnosed in 3 commercial poultry flocks as well as numerous small flocks. Although most of the recent outbreaks of vND in Europe, the U.S. and Colombia have occurred in backyard flocks, the level of alert has been raised for those in the commercial poultry sector in those and neighboring countries.

For details on Newcastle disease please refer to this useful fact sheet produced by the Poultry Health Research Network at the University of Guelph

See attached California Dept of Agriculture News Alert requiring euthanasia of all backyard flocks in certain high risk areas

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